February Gardening Tips

Feb 16, 2015
Emily Admin

Garden maintenance

Welcome to the first of our blog posts about gardening with tips to get the best out of your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Work to be getting on with this month:

  • Divide and replant Snowdrops once they have finished flowering and are still green.
  • Continue pruning shrubs, removing dead and crossing stems initially, then prune to retain shape.
  • Perfect time to prune the long stems of Wisteria back to a new outward facing bud.
  • Remove dead leaves and debris from ponds and water features regularly.
  • Clear debris from lawns but avoid walking on it if frosty as this will damage the turf and leave footprints!

Or if this sounds too much like hard work, why not let us come and do a Spring Tidy-up for you.

In the vegetable garden:

  • Continue digging over the soil but not if frosty or waterlogged.
  • Mulch rhubarb crowns with well rotted manure.
  • Order vegetable seeds and onion sets
  • Sow seeds of tomatoes, onions and chilli peppers.  These can be grown on a warm window sill, covered with a clear plastic bag.  Once seedlings can be seen, remove the plastic and maintain watering.
  • Still time to plant fruit bushed and trees, adding well rotted manure to the planting hole.
  • Continue pruning fruit trees and bushes to maintain shape and productivity.